At Sam's Steam we work with the most technologically advanced steam machine powered by a powerful Lamborghini burner, that not only preserve 95% of water, but also eliminates all the invisible germs, bacteria, molds, dust mites & odors that accumulate everyday on your vehicle's surfaces. We specialize in cleaning, disinfecting, restoring every part of your vehicle to look as good as new. Also we insure the preservation of it's cleanliness using our long-term surface protectant. Unlike other car detail methods which wastes plenty of time and leaves surfaces contaminated with tons of bacteria due to the leftover dampness, our dry steam cleaning process is time efficient, provides long-term disinfectant protection for your vehicle and we do it without the use of water. We offer you the best level of detail in the market as our steam machine is definitely the leader in the global market and our technicians have been trained to the highest quality of service to insure you get the best results you and your car is wishing for. 

Our shop is opened to serve you 6 days a week and we also offer a mobile detail service that helps ease your schedule by serving you wherever is convenient for you.      


"I've been working in the car industry for a long time. I used to buy old, antique cars restore every detail  and sell them. From here I got the detailing business idea as I know how to deal with vehicle's fabrics, materials, parts and restore them to look as good as new."

Andro Mikhail

CEO & Co-Founder



Jane A.   

"If I could give this place more than 5 stars, I would. They washed  and vacuumed  and steam cleaned  and did some sort of magic, and it was as if the fruit  explosion had never happened. As an extra nice surprise, they also washed and waxed the car. I cannot recommend Sam's Steam highly enough. They were so kind and helpful and did such a great job."

John G.

"It was one of the greatest experience I ever had with detailing shop. Everyone was so friendly and professional from the staff to the owner "Andrew" who was checking himself on the progress on every car. They were quick but efficient and didn't miss a spot, I used to spend twice time with less finishing at other places. Price is so convenient for the job been done from steam to car wash to waxing the entire car. I'm very satisfied with the quality of service I had today and definitely that will be my go to place from now on. Thanks Sam's Steam crew. highly recommended."

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